Dogs on Leash

Not everyone loves dogs as much as you do, so our City laws require that dogs be on a leash at all times in Laguna Beach. Read more about this rule in our Municipal Code. The exception is the City's dog parks, where dogs are free to roam off-leash. 

Dogs on the Beach

Dogs in Laguna may romp in the sand and surf year-round. But in the summer — between June 15 and September 10 — they are only allowed on the beach before 9:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. The rest of the year dogs are allowed on the beach at any time of day. Of course, all dogs must always be leashed. Read more about this rule in our Municipal Code Be aware dogs are prohibited every day of the year at Thousand Steps Beach.

Stray Dogs

Call our Animal Services Division at (949) 497-0701 if you find a stay dog. We'll pick up the pooch, bring her to the Animal Shelter where she'll be safe, scan her for a microchip, and get in touch with her owner. The Shelter is the first place most owners call when they realize their dog is missing.

Barking Dogs

If you hear a barking dog, we recommend trying to speak with the dog's owner before getting in touch with us. If the barking persists, file a Barking Dog Complaint at (949) 497-0701 and our Animal Services Officers will talk to the owner.