The City of Laguna Beach is proud of our community’s efforts to assist those who are homeless in Laguna Beach for over a decade. It is well known that no single public entity can solve the issues associated with homelessness, especially at the local level. It will be a collective effort on both the County of Orange and all Orange County cities that will end homelessness.

Alternative Sleeping Location Emergency Shelter

Since November of 2009, the City of Laguna Beach has owned, funded, and contracted for the operation of a low barrier, 45-bed emergency shelter within the City commonly known as the Alternative Sleeping Location (ASL).  The ASL remains one of the only emergency shelter in Orange County owned and funded by a city. Located at 20652 Laguna Canyon Road, the ASL is operated by the Friendship Shelter pursuant to a service provider contract. The ASL has a housing-focused enrollment program, offering 30-day renewable increments of time to homeless individuals actively pursuing a housing plan. A separate day program is available, with support staff, County mental health resources, laundry, hygiene amenities, computer/internet access, and connections to community-based services.

Due to the efforts of the City and the Friendship Shelter through the operation of the ASL, over 200 individuals have transitioned to more stable housing arrangements, including reunification with families or friends.

Please note, only enrolled participants are permitted at the ASL during enrollment program hours. Drop-in guests will not be admitted.

Overnight Enrollment Program
Daytime Drop-In Program
Community Outreach Officers
Laguna Beach v. Orange County Catholic Worker
ASL Biannual Reports