In March of 2021, the Laguna Beach City Council approved a new series of resident-serving programs and policies called the "Neighborhood & Environmental Protection Plan" to mitigate visitor impacts to neighborhoods, enhance City services for residents, and add environmental protection programs.

The $1M program is funded 100% by visitors through the City’s Parking Fund and Measure LL Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenues.

"This action by the Council will better protect our neighborhoods, and preserve the natural beauty of our beaches and open space areas," said Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen in 2021. "Through numerous neighborhood outreach meetings with our residents and neighbors over the last year, we've heard that more police protection, parking enforcement and trash pickup are needed to maintain the quality of life that we all expect. By committing $1M to this effort, we are confident that we will produce positive and tangible results for our community." 

Enhanced Cleaning and More Frequent Trash Collection
Infrastructure and Parking Improvements
Enhanced Safety Provided by the Marine Safety Department
Enhanced Safety Provided by the Police Department
Enhanced Environmental Protection Programs

"The ongoing effects of Covid have impacted our trails and beaches as people search for outdoor activities and anything they can do safely," said Laguna Beach Mayor Pro Tem Sue Kempf, who proposed the program during the City Council's 2021 retreat. "Over the last few months, we have addressed specific neighborhood concerns tactically by putting out more trash cans and doing more enforcement, but this plan includes more immediate and long-term actions that will continue through the summer months as well. This program is a result of successful collaboration between residents and City staff, funded 100-percent from visitor revenues," Kempf said.