The City's boards, commissions, and committees allow residents to participate in Laguna Beach's government by working with other citizens to advise City Council on issues they care about.

Laguna Beach residents may submit an application to serve on a board, commission, or committee to the City Clerk's office. All applicants are interviewed and City Council appoints the members at a special meeting.

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Notices of Unscheduled Vacancies

Interested in a position on the Planning Commission, Arts Commission, Emergency / Disaster Preparedness Committee, Housing & Human Services Committee, or Personnel Board? Submit your application to the City Clerk’s Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 18; late submittals will not be accepted.

Media Release - July 1 Committee Appointments

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Has Decision Making Authority with Appeals to City Council (with Terms of Office):

•      Arts Commission

•      Design Review Board/Board of Adjustment

•      Planning Commission

•      View Restoration Committee

Advisory to City Council and Members Serve on an On-Going Basis (with Terms of Office):

•      Emergency / Disaster Preparedness Committee

•      Environmental Sustainability Committee

•      Heritage Committee

•      Housing & Human Services Committee

•      Parking, Traffic, & Circulation Committee

•      Personnel Board

•      Recreation Committee

•      South Laguna Water/Sewer Committee

•     Citizens’ Audit Review & Investment Advisory Committee

Advisory to City Council and Serve as Temporary, Single Issue Groups (Ad Hoc):

•      HIV Advisory Committee