Visiting the Laguna Beach Tide Pools

The Laguna Beach Coastline has abundant rocky intertidal habitat. Popular locations for enjoying tidepools include Main Beach, Shaws Cove, and Treasure Island. Our tide pools are part of the California Marine Protected Area network; it is unlawful to injure, damage, take, or possess any living, geological, or cultural marine resource.

Over six million people visit the beaches of Laguna annually. Please do your part to help reduce any impacts to the environment when visiting the tide pools by following The Good Tide Pooler Rules:

  1. Absolutely no collecting. Never remove animals, shells, or rocks from the tide pools.
  2. Never pick up or touch animals. Observe them where they are.
  3. Walk gently. Take care not to step on plants or animals.
  4. Never turn over rocks.

Educator and Research Permits

University and non-affiliated school groups wishing to conduct observational based research within the Laguna Beach City limits are required to submit a Category 2 Research Use Form to the Marine Safety Department.

Individuals or groups conducting research that requires manipulation of the environment (including collection or installation) must have a valid Department of Fish and Wildlife Scientific Collection Permit. Prior to conducting research in Laguna Beach, a valid scientific collection permit and Category 1 Researcher Use Form must be submitted and approved by Marine Safety Staff.