2022 - 2023 School Year

Transit Options

Thurston Trolley:  The City of Laguna Beach provides after-school trolley service from Thurston Middle School to downtown Laguna Beach. A trolley will depart Thurston Middle School at 3:20 p.m. every weekday, making stops at Park/St. Ann's, Legion/Short, Legion/Goff and the downtown Bus Depot.

Laguna Beach High School Trolley:  Morning and afternoon trolleys on the Weekday Coastal route between North and South Laguna will deviate off Coast Highway to serve Laguna Beach High School at arrival and dismissal times.  See schedule here.

The Laguna Beach Local On-Demand service will begin service at 8 a.m. beginning August 22, and is available to students age 13 years and older. The On-Demand service does not run on a fixed schedule or route and may experience delays during peak times before and after school due to ridership demand.  For these reasons, we can't guarantee pick up and drop off times.