Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is the City's plan for addressing major public facility improvements.  The plan considers the repair, replacement or construction of new portions of the City's physical infrastructure system; such as streets, buildings, parks, street lights, and storm drains. The City reviews suggestions for capital improvements on a yearly basis and evaluates existing infrastructure to prioritize needed improvements.

The City's annual budget, includes the CIP with a ten-year schedule for all capital projects proposed at the time the budget is submitted. The CIP includes detailed descriptions of the projects budgeted in Year One and Two. Titles and budget amounts are included for projects included in Years Three through Ten for planning purposes only.

Bluebird Cyn Evacuation Rte 2

Bluebird Canyon Drive Evacuation Route Widening

Bluebird Canyon Drive is a key evacuation route, and widening the road to provide sufficient emergency egress is identified in the City’s approved Wildfire Mitigation and Fire Safety Report.  The scope of work includes road widening and installing a retaining wall on the north side of Bluebird Canyon Drive from approximately 800 feet east of Oriole Drive to Rancho Laguna Road.

Cleo Street Beach CIP Thumbnail

Cleo Street Beach Access Improvements

The City of Laguna Beach will be replacing and extending the existing staircase that provides public access to Cleo Street Beach to reduce the drop-off from the bottom step to the beach.  The new wider alignment will create a buffer between the pump station equipment and the public stairway. The project includes a viewpoint and provides additional permanent trash and recycling receptacles that continue the neighborhood’s natural river rock aesthetic. Disturbed landscaping will be replaced with California native, succulent and drought-tolerant plants.

Fire Station #4

 Fire Station No. 4 Replacement

The proposed project is located at the corner of Coast Highway and 5th Avenue in South Laguna.  The project will provide a replacement fire station for the existing Fire Station No. 4 located at 31646 2nd Avenue. The existing station has seismic integrity issues and is not adequately sized to meet the modern needs of the fire department and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for fire station design.


Moss Beach Access StaircaseMoss Street Beach Access Rehabilitation

The staircase that provides public access to Moss Cove has served the community well, but the coastal climate has taken its toll on the concrete stairway. The stairs have been periodically repaired over the years, including last year's installation of a temporary wood step extension to the sand. However, continuing to repair the stairs is no longer an option; and complete replacement is required to ensure public safety and continued access for future generations.

Forest Promenade

Promenade on Forest

The Promenade on Forest opened to the public on June 15, 2020, to create a pedestrian-only outdoor dining, shopping, and art performance area. The City will construct a permanent pedestrian plaza design to continue the Promenade on Forest program permanently. The City has selected RRM Design Firm to provide preliminary engineering and entitlement services for the project.

Village Entrance Parking Structure

Village Entrance Parking Structure

The proposed project is for the construction of a parking structure to the north of City Hall within the Village Entrance. The proposed project will preserve the existing Digester Building and Laguna SOCWA Lift Station and facilitate future development of Lot 12.  The existing fuel island, located on the east edge of the site, will need to be decommissioned to facilitate construction of the parking structure in this location.

Forest Promenade

Zone 3 Collector...

The City of Laguna Beach is planning to resurface Park Avenue (Glenneyre Street to Wendt Terrace), Glenneyre Street (Forest Avenue to Thalia Street) and Thalia Street. Additional project information, including a map of streets to be resurfaced, will be available soon. Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2024 and be completed by the end of August 2024.