Heritage Committee

Members of the Heritage Committee advise City Council and design review authority on matters pertaining to historic preservation in the City, including evaluation of alterations to historic structures, requests to place structures on the Historic Register, and recommendations of properties for Mills Act contracts. Members of the Heritage Committee serve two-year terms.

Housing and Human Services Committee

Members of the Housing and Human Services Committee assess and identify housing opportunities and human needs for all segments of the community and provide input on both the City's Housing Element and Human Needs Element of the General Plan. They also inform and make recommendations to City Council and community leaders, and increase awareness of specific programs contained within the Housing Element to address these needs.

View Restoration Committee

Members of the View Restoration Committee adjudicate view claims submitted by property owners to restore pre-existing views that are alleged to be significantly impaired by vegetation. The five member committee of local residents appointed by the City Council conducts public hearings to review claims, hear testimony and determine significant view impairment. The committee may approve a view restoration order and establish a maintenance schedule for the subject vegetation on the property.