1) Click on the drop-down menu labeled  “Search Type” and select the type of document(s) that you are searching for.

  • Select “Building” if you wish to find building permits and related building records. Architectural or structural plans associated with a property must be viewed from within City Hall due to copyright protection. To view plans, please meet with a planner at the public counter at City Hall. 
  • Select “Planning” if you wish to find planning or zoning related records.

2) Type in the Address or Assessor’s Parcel Number.

  • Search by Address: Type an asterisk (*) instead of spelling out "street," "avenue," or using any abbreviations. Example: 505 Forest*
  • Search by Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN): Format example: XXX-XXX-XX

3) Click on “Search."

  • Wait for the search engine to gather the requested records.

4) Scroll down to view results.

5) Click on the up iconopen file icon to open the file.