• Wood frame house construction in Laguna Beach


Over-the-Counter building plan review is available by appointment as well as walk-in.

Appointments are available at half hour intervals with a 30-minute maximum on a first-come, first-served basis during over-the-counter building plan review hours in the mornings.  This service is available for first review, rechecks, and revisions.  Walk-ins are served in the afternoon with no appointment necessary. See service hours on this page.

• Project must be complete, including building permit application, plan sets and any applicable supporting documentation, as outlined in the City's Residential Submittal Checklist.

 • The review may result in approval and issuance of a permit, or the applicant may receive a list of required corrections to be completed and verified prior to issuance.

• Once review is complete, the applicant will be directed to the Building counter for payment of applicable fees or list of requirements before release of corrections or permit issuance.

• To ensure compliance with Zoning and Planning standards, all applicants are advised to consult with a planner and obtain Zoning/Planning approval and Design Review (if applicable) before the scheduled appointment.

• Applicants that employ a design professional are required to have that design professional present at the appointment to address staff questions and inquires.

• This service is available for first review, rechecks and revisions.

Qualified Projects for Over-the Counter Review